About Orus Knowledge Institute
Our aim is to bring you the most powerful knowledge and wisdom directly from the masters of personal development.

"Let him that would move the world, first move himself."
~ Socrates

Our hope is that by providing real education; the tools and knowledge needed to become masters of our own minds and the conscious and powerful creators of our own lives; every human being could be empowered to reach their highest potential.

And in realising the highest potential of human beings collectively, we can allow ourselves to hope for and strive to achieve lasting, positive change, on a global scale.

Finding the right guidance and encouragement in the quest for personal growth and development can be difficult. There are many voices in this vast ocean, all with their own experiences and opinions about how to gain the personal freedom you crave and how to bring your own personal ideal into manifest reality.

With decades of cumulative experience in the fields of personal development, the contributors of Orus Knowledge Institute have prepared this resource by tirelessly working through the many materials and offered wisdoms available today. We’ve narrowed the scope, in the hope of providing the clearest and most effective path towards personal growth.

We believe that every human being has unlimited potential and a capacity for good that needs to be brought out into the open where it can be of benefit to all life on earth. We also believe that the deeper a person can expand into their own ideal, the more they can contribute; to the world, the environment, to other people; and this is the vision we hold.

We hope you find this resource empowering and effective, and we wish you every success on your journey through life.

“An educated person is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated person is one who has so developed the faculties of the mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.”

– Napoleon Hill

Our Philosophy

There is a powerful inner world that exists within every human being. Each of us can do and achieve anything we set our minds to, the only limit being of our imagination.

There are no limits when it comes to the imagination and what can be achieved.

We believe that every person should take specific and focused action in pursuit of their dreams and in developing a vision of life that moves beyond normal conventions or perceived limitations. It is our view that this can be achieved through ‘unconventional education’: Being guided by the best of today’s personal development mentors, their materials and expertise will enable individuals to gain more knowledge and freedom in all areas of life.

It’s our belief that all life and all of nature is connected, having been created with the same energetic building blocks of all material existence. We believe that in developing an understanding of the physical laws that govern us we can both understand our own potential and rise to the heights of our highest vision and ideals. We also feel that gaining an understanding of our intimate connection to all that surrounds us will engender and inspire compassion and goodwill for all life… and that this is the highest ideal that humanity can strive towards.

We believe that it is the courage to change and to take action that separates individuals who reach the heights of their own potential and those who do not.

We’re here to help, any way we can; to inspire change and to empower our members with the kind of knowledge that frees the mind and enables them to masterfully create the life of their dreams.

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