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Mind Mastery Program is an online personal development and mind training course put together based on the best advice and information from one of the best Mentors and masters of life.

It’s a 7 day course with 3 or 4 short videos per day each containing engaging lessons and also a list of 3 powerful books in the area of personal development, business and investment to be read after all lessons have been completed. The books were chosen in a precise and particular order to effectively complement the understanding and application of the techniques, advice, and lessons shared in the program.

The total lesson time for each day is between 35 minutes to 55 minutes. The lessons were designed to power up your knowledge, awareness and understanding of the basic principles of life so you can unlock your full potential and achieve the results you desire in all areas of life.

The Mind Mastery program is ultimately for people who wants more success and happiness in all areas of life by studying and understanding the power of the mind and developing the intellectual higher faculties.

  • For you asking yourself everyday how to achieve better results and improve your performance.
  • For the ones with the desire to have long lasting changes and contribute more to others.
  • For people excited about life that they can’t wait to wake up next morning. Not many people are like that!
  • For you tired of giving your best and trying all you can but still are not getting the well deserved results.
  • For the ones willing to sacrifice something of a lower nature to receive something of a higher nature.
  • For you ready to commit to excellence and not waste more time in life by immersing into real knowledge.
  • For you that made the decision to never put up any longer with what everybody is telling you to do.
  • For people determined to live life in their own terms and help others to also reach their goals and dreams.

This program will enable you to take control over your thoughts and emotions which will lead to total control in everything else and your attempts to succeed.

There are multiple reasons why you should join Orus Knowledge Institute.

  • If you want to benefit from the many years of experience of the best masters of life of recent days and their success journey so you can easily apply it in your life by gaining priceless knowledge, awareness and understanding…
  • If you want be be part of the solution, have a bigger impact and contribute more to the world as 30% of your one time membership fee will be donated by us straight to the environmental and education foundations that you will choose at the time of your registration…
  • If you want to master your mind and take control of all areas of your life so you can inspire other people to follow your success…
  • If you want to finally make sure you will never have to put up or be in situations that you can not tolerate and be able to do more of what you love and less of what you hate so you can optimize the day. Also become a master of time and productivity…

If any of the above is something you desire, then the Mind Mastery Program is for you by becoming a Premium Member!

In your health, finances, relationships, business, career, investment, life style, happiness and anywhere you want! I’ve used these techniques personally based on my Mentor’s advice in all areas of life and will keep using aiming consistent improvements daily. Others have used to completely change their habits and the way they think about themselves and life in general.

Health and relationships have been the main areas with most impact and followed by finance and business. Without the deep understanding about how your brain works, how it controls the emotions and what can be done about it, it’s extremely hard to reach any goal or to even have one so whatever you goal is, you must gain deep domain expertise and become a master of life.

The program has been designed using the best materials and videos from the best mentors to ensure our members get consistent results. The program has been tested and our members have seen incredible transformations in their lives by applying the lessons learned in the program.

Every member that joins the Mastery Mind Program through the Premium Membership Plan on our website, will pay a One Time Payment of $47 for the program. We will then donate 30% $14.10 of each membership to the foundation or organisation that each member will choose at the time of subscription. The website will be updated weekly with the number of members and the amount donated to each foundation or organisation. You will also be able to verify all donations made by us by visiting their websites:
We will also post monthly, all the donation receipts on our website.

You will have unlimited lifetime access to the program. The Premium Membership is not a monthly or yearly membership as you will only be charged once when you first join in.

We believe this project to be a great way to encourage more people all around the globe to improve the personal development side of each human being by expanding in knowledge and awareness everyday through the amazing lessons and advice from the best Master Mentors of life presented in the Mind Mastery Program. Also the best recommended books and courses that every person must read to improve all areas of life.

By becoming a Premium Member, you will also be contributing to a great cause as 30% of your membership price is being donated by us to your favorite education or environmental foundation that you will select at the Mind Mastery joining process.

As soon as possible!

However, without knowing how willing you are to study, understand, commit to mastery and to use the techniques and methods contained in these lessons, We are legally not allowed to make any promises and can not guarantee a precise time.

The one thing I can say with confidence is, I’ve experienced myself and had other people sharing with me the changes and results achieved within days of understanding and applying the lessons, techniques, advice and methods contained in the program!

All the Mentors on the lessons including myself, give you all you need to develop your mind, higher faculties and understanding about yourself in 7 days online videos program with each day lasting approximately 50 minutes average. Total of 6 hours and 20 minutes for the whole 7 days program that will change your life. We recommend that you go through all the lessons at least 3 times withing the period 8 weeks so you can internalize the information more effectively and burn them into your mind.

It’s the repetition that will cause you to master and gain experience in everything you do so you can naturally put it to work as part of your habitual behavior.


We encourage people to work at their own pace through these program. If you need to take more time on a lesson, you can most certainty do that. The program will be always available at your convenience or continue to be delivered to you on a daily basis, however, they will be stored on the side of the program page under “Daily Lessons” may that apply to your program.

The Mind Mastery Program lessons are ready and available as you become a member but we do encourage you to maintain a steady pace throughout the program. We do want you to work on making it a habit to set aside some time each day to study this program, as daily repetition with the material is the best way to get the most out of this program!

All skills you need in life to achieve your goals are learned skills. It doesn’t matter where you are right now or stage you are in, you can always improve every day by learning new things and understanding more about yourself.

This program is right for you as it covers all aspects of life in a simple but extremely effective ways. It’s about who you have to be at the core in order to do and have what you really want. You will hear from the top personal development, business and investment masters what they know about achieving great results and succeeding in all you do.

Although your membership is a one time fee that you will pay at the time of your joining process application so no monthly fee can be deducted, We would be sorry to see you go but certainly understand if you have a need to cancel. We will take care of this for you and send a confirmation when it’s complete.

Just send us an email using the Contact Us page with your full name and membership number saying that you wish to cancel your One Time membership.

For security reasons, our company policy is to confirm your account information to process your refund. You can reach out to us via email at Refunds usually take between 2-30 days to show back into your bank account depending on your bank’s policies.

We hope that answered some of your questions or concerns about the program. I believe that all you have is to gain in being part of this amazing leaning journey.



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