hurt feelings
Blaming others
focus power
giving back to life
Productive mind
Lazy cat procrastinating
Take action
Tired and giving up
Giving with heart
perfect harmony and gratitude
World change
bothered person
No control being used
Are you in total control of all areas of your life? I believe none of us are as we all have our internal conflicts.

– The M Question means: “Master, Mentor and Million Dollar Question.” It’s about having the right questions in mind before going after the answers.

If you are not aware of what is causing the problems, you won’t effectively come up with the solutions. That applies to all areas of life (health, finance, relationships and happiness in general) but it’s easy to forget that we create our own problems.

We owe ourselves an explanation so the point here is to question your beliefs, values, habits and actions regardless your convictions. Choose your questions above or below and learn from THE MASTER MENTORS.

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”
~ Bruce Lee

“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. And in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you the smartest of all.”
~ Socrates